Respectful Student and Teacher Relationships

The power that comes from building strong respectful relationships between students and teachers cannot be overstated.  I am spending the first week of my school year, getting to know my students and let them get to know me.  There is power there.  Many people think that students will do what is asked of them without … Continue reading Respectful Student and Teacher Relationships


1st Day Back to Class

So after six years as an instructional coach, I've jumped back into the classroom full time.  I'm not going to mince words.  It kicked my butt.  After six years of sitting side-by-side with teachers and coaching them, I just realized that the verb in that was "sitting."  Wow, how I had forgotten my style of … Continue reading 1st Day Back to Class

21st Century Teaching

I recently read a blog that elaborated on the 21st-century skills every student needs.  You can see the blog here:  It’s not really that much different than the framework created by  However, it got me thinking.  Why are so many businesses or corporations repeating themselves about these skills?  Is it that students are … Continue reading 21st Century Teaching