Filling a Need

I’ve noticed that students have an overwhelming desire to be engaged. Similar to what Jane Mcgonigal said in her book, Reality is Broken, students will go out of their way to be engaged. I think students are playing a game that we just haven’t figure out the rules for yet. Students are willing to work, and work hard for self gratification and praise. I sometimes wonder if most teachers don’t see this and thusly, work against them. I’ve seen teachers give students a worksheet and try to grade papers at their desk. The whole time, students were trying to talk and engage the teacher. There was obviously a strong relationship and level of respect developed between teacher and students, but the engagement level was broken. Is this where teachers sometimes fail the students? They don’t maximize the face-to-face instructional time with actual engagement. Maybe this is why students don’t become inspired to become life long learners.

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