Applying Google to your classroom

Did you know that with the use of Google Apps for Education, you can transform your classroom into a digital superstar?  A lot of teachers who are new to Google have trouble knowing how to share with their students and vice-versa.  In high schools, we may have up to seven classes with 30 students each in them.  

That’s a lot of students.  So how do I help my teachers cope?  Easy, use the you to me method.  Have all your students in your first period class create a folder with their name, class period, and “inbox” in the title.  They then will share this folder with you (the teacher) and you only.  This will result in you seeing your 30 student’s folders in your ‘shared with me’ folder on Google drive.  

Drive image 1

Then, select all your first period students (or which ever period) and add them to your drive.  Create a folder to move them into labeled something like “First period Inbox.”  Now you have access to all your students homework that they turned into you and their peers can’t see their homework to copy off of.  If you suspect a student is cheating, check the ‘share’ button and see who all the documents or folder is shared with.

You can also share the me to you method for handouts as well.  This is especially handy if you teach seven classes and they are all the same.  You create one folder and share ‘view only’ with all your students (all 200 or so).

There is even a free Chrome Web App called ‘Folder Notifications for Google Drive.’  The free version allows you to track one folder.  So, why not put all your class period folders into one folder labeled “Student Work?”

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