Crucial Innovation in Education a #IMMOOC post


This blog will be the first in a series dedicated to the Innovators Mindset MOOC found at .   So this post is about exploring the questions:

  • Why is “innovation” so crucial in education?
  • What impact do you see it having on our students and ourselves long term?

To start with, before we can answer why it’s so crucial, we have to define innovation.  Classically, innovation refers to any new method, idea, or product.  However, how does that apply to education?  I think this is the main reason why it’s so crucial to today’s education.  New approaches to pedagogy and student empowerment should be constantly empowered.  I know nothing fills my emotional bucket more, than seeing a high school student literally take charge of what they are learning and just go with it.  When that happens, I know that the student has “gotten it.”  They are now self sufficient in their learning.
In the long term, I think we will start seeing a transition of a society that are not easily portrayed by the allegory of “The Walking Dead.”  I would hope that they will be awake enough to see what is transpiring around them enough that they take responsibility of events, actions, and inequities around them.

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