How do Digital Natives beat their drums?

How do Digital Natives beat their drums?  It sounds like the beginning of a bad “Dad” joke.  However, in education, every since Marc Prensky coined the term in 2001, there has been non-stop debate about the term Digital Native. Mr. Prensky used the term to rightfully describe a generation of people who had been born … Continue reading How do Digital Natives beat their drums?

21st Century Teaching

I recently read a blog that elaborated on the 21st-century skills every student needs.  You can see the blog here:  It’s not really that much different than the framework created by  However, it got me thinking.  Why are so many businesses or corporations repeating themselves about these skills?  Is it that students are … Continue reading 21st Century Teaching

Instructional Design: A Cautionary Approach

What is the purpose of Instructional Design?  To some perspectives, the answer might lie in the alignment or calibration of curricular needs to ensure equity of education.  In other groups, the answer may rest in the need to inspire students towards self-efficacy.  From my experience, to an instructional coach, the truth lies somewhere in between … Continue reading Instructional Design: A Cautionary Approach

Reconciling 21st Century skills with Career Competencies

In their recent blog, Why We Desperately Need to Rethink College and Career Readiness, Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers wrote about integrating 21st century skills into career readiness courses.  They write focused a bit on history and the paradigm shift from vocational skills to college readiness with a follow up statement imploring educators to bring … Continue reading Reconciling 21st Century skills with Career Competencies