Student Created Questions

Something that I have latched onto in my time in education (20+ years), is that students struggle with asking questions.  Everyone thinks they can ask a question, until they are put on the spot and required to produce a deeply thinking, open-ended, complex question.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the questions asked by students are … Continue reading Student Created Questions

Building Trust with Students

So, it's the beginning of the school year.  How do we build trust with our students?  With peers, you talk chit-chat to get to know them.  When instructional coaches are working with teachers you take the 20-2 approach (2-minute conversations about non-work related items, 20 days in a row).  But what about students? This year, … Continue reading Building Trust with Students

21st Century Teaching

I recently read a blog that elaborated on the 21st-century skills every student needs.  You can see the blog here:  It’s not really that much different than the framework created by  However, it got me thinking.  Why are so many businesses or corporations repeating themselves about these skills?  Is it that students are … Continue reading 21st Century Teaching

Empowering to Innovate through Design #IMMOOC

On my journey to become a better educator, I’ve continually heard about “instructional design.”  However, it wasn’t until now, decades later, that I realize that what I’ve been contributing to my curriculum (and others) hasn’t really truly been design.  I’ve been a technology instructional coach now for four years and only because of the work … Continue reading Empowering to Innovate through Design #IMMOOC