Technology vs Learning Adoption

What is it that draws us to Technology?  As an educator, I find it interesting that while we have a theory of how people adopt technology (the innovation adoption curve of Rogers), we still don’t know why.  Rogers’ curve says that there are five levels of adoption: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and … Continue reading Technology vs Learning Adoption

Classroom Fatigue

During the World War Two era, there was a condition known as battle fatigue.  It dealt with warriors who had been constantly bombarded with battle conditions for so long that they started having difficulty in coping with day-to-day activities.  The symptoms were irritability, anger, depression, mood swings, and so forth.  Now days it’s referred to … Continue reading Classroom Fatigue

Content Decay

When does the content we as teachers know start to decay?  If I were to think of academic content as a rock and society as water, I could draw a great many comparisons.  Academic content, like rocks have three choices when they face water.Choice 1: Rocks can sit in one place with no moving water … Continue reading Content Decay