Empowering to Innovate through Design #IMMOOC

On my journey to become a better educator, I’ve continually heard about “instructional design.”  However, it wasn’t until now, decades later, that I realize that what I’ve been contributing to my curriculum (and others) hasn’t really truly been design.  I’ve been a technology instructional coach now for four years and only because of the work … Continue reading Empowering to Innovate through Design #IMMOOC

6 Steps to Successful Instructional Design

Why is design important?  From the casual observer, there might not be a difference between something that is naturally created and something that is specifically designed.  As a designer it can be difficult to recognize as well.  When something is designed, it not only is appealing, but it also serves a specific purpose.  For example, … Continue reading 6 Steps to Successful Instructional Design

Shift Happens

Probably one of the most frustrating things in education is when small changes create entire paradigm shifts.  It’s frustrating not because the shift is occurring, but because not many people acknowledge or adopt the shift.  For example, our district has adopted the Google Apps for Education.  It is a very versatile package that simulates Microsoft … Continue reading Shift Happens

Classroom Fatigue

During the World War Two era, there was a condition known as battle fatigue.  It dealt with warriors who had been constantly bombarded with battle conditions for so long that they started having difficulty in coping with day-to-day activities.  The symptoms were irritability, anger, depression, mood swings, and so forth.  Now days it’s referred to … Continue reading Classroom Fatigue