Content Decay

When does the content we as teachers know start to decay?  If I were to think of academic content as a rock and society as water, I could draw a great many comparisons.  Academic content, like rocks have three choices when they face water.Choice 1: Rocks can sit in one place with no moving water … Continue reading Content Decay

Elegant Failure

As a teacher, I know that failure teaches more than success.  And yet, by failure, I don’t mean an urbanized understanding of a letter grade.  I mean the risk taking and attempts made by a student to solve the riddle that the teacher has produced.  This in many ways mirrors a Koan. A Koan, through … Continue reading Elegant Failure

What do educators expect of Technology?

We all think of technology as being the way of the future.  However, what is it that educators truly expect technology to do for them in the classroom? As a campus-based instructional technology specialist, I recently stopped assuming and started asking.  Here is what I found.Teachers expect six specific things: presentations, collaboration, research, artifact production, … Continue reading What do educators expect of Technology?