Shifting to Situated Learning

In education, we are constantly being bombarded with the idea of Innovation; of shifting the paradigm from traditional classrooms to the new.  We've seen George Couros constantly write in his blog about shifting from a Fixed-mindset through a Growth-mindset to an Innovator Mindset.   One of his contemporaries, Katie Martin, writes about developing that mindset by … Continue reading Shifting to Situated Learning

Building Trust with Students

So, it's the beginning of the school year.  How do we build trust with our students?  With peers, you talk chit-chat to get to know them.  When instructional coaches are working with teachers you take the 20-2 approach (2-minute conversations about non-work related items, 20 days in a row).  But what about students? This year, … Continue reading Building Trust with Students

Classroom Fatigue

During the World War Two era, there was a condition known as battle fatigue.  It dealt with warriors who had been constantly bombarded with battle conditions for so long that they started having difficulty in coping with day-to-day activities.  The symptoms were irritability, anger, depression, mood swings, and so forth.  Now days it’s referred to … Continue reading Classroom Fatigue