Covid-19 Educator’s Lockdown Day 2

As I posted yesterday, below is the second day's email that I sent out to my faculty on Tuesday of this past week.  I hope some of you find this helpful. Email Day 2 - Suggestions Good Tuesday everyone.  For my second day of recommendations for engaging our students at home, let’s talk about interactive … Continue reading Covid-19 Educator’s Lockdown Day 2

How do Digital Natives beat their drums?

How do Digital Natives beat their drums?  It sounds like the beginning of a bad “Dad” joke.  However, in education, every since Marc Prensky coined the term in 2001, there has been non-stop debate about the term Digital Native. Mr. Prensky used the term to rightfully describe a generation of people who had been born … Continue reading How do Digital Natives beat their drums?

Content Decay

When does the content we as teachers know start to decay?  If I were to think of academic content as a rock and society as water, I could draw a great many comparisons.  Academic content, like rocks have three choices when they face water.Choice 1: Rocks can sit in one place with no moving water … Continue reading Content Decay